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Sam’s way

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Freshness, greedy and natural flavors…

Sam’s way, an otherwise good restaurant, a healthy and pleasure cooking, fresh french products mainly local, short circuit. Farmers next door meat, ethical and respectful of animal welfare and the planet. Aromatics, condiments and some vegetables picked from our permaculture vegetable garden. But above all, Sam’s way, flavors, a new gluttony sharing, not to mention some traditional dishes! Sam’s way team is waiting for you…

French, so what!

At Sam’s: Cock-a-doodle-doo! and Hooray local

Welcome to Sam’s way ! Sam, it’ s Samuel, a local breeder, passionate about nutrition and health, passionate about nature, rurality. Passionate about peasant common sense, for which, physical form and health begin with the quality we have in our plate. And the products quality usually rhymes with their provenance! At Sam’s, almost all of your plate comes from local farms and producers, for direct sale and of course in short circuit. Vegetables and aromatics come from our permaculture garden and “O chimie”. Selection of products is based on french responsible and sustainable production.

Long live the republic…

Democratic and demo-critical

Sam’s way, we like the mixing of tastes, people, styles and ideas… We like to please locavores (non-integrists) with quality products and gastronomy accessible to the greatest number in a friendly, authentic, relaxed state of mind. But Samuel – like most of his colleagues – is a proud farmer of his work and who wants to create the meeting between the consumer and the producers. He likes to explain – to whomever wishes – his methods of alternative agriculture, “Sensiculture” which borrows the best from the present as in the past, and to all responsible and sustainable agriculture without parish quarrels. The mix, the democratic and demo-critical (well French) mix of ideas, is also a bit of Chez Sam life purpose – we see things, we hear, we taste, we feel we understand, and we appropriate, we discuss and we can even go home with farm products.


Yum yum

Here, something of interest for all of you

What about Sam’s kitchen? It, too, comes from a mix, mix from the past – with its vegetables and herbs from the garden, its soup with nettles and other childhood foodstuffs – and the present, which favors responsible, respectful and fair productions and more dietary recipes. Our products have their stories, their story of their production, of their producer, so ask Sam, when you see him here… And if you want to know more, take part in the upcoming events: permaculture day, gastronomy and health day, botanical day, agriculture evenings of the world, discovery of sensiculture in livestock, culture, market gardening… Or more traditional events such as spit meat, cabbage soup, bocce, various tastings, fishing parties, because, in our country, “interest for all of you”… Finally, we want to say thank you in advance, to you who read these lines and who come to “french enjoy” and “regal peasant” Sam’s way.

At Sam’s, “everything is here”

fresh home…

Sam’s way cooking is made house every day, based on french products, fresh, local producers or local markets. The meats are exclusively french. Preservative products are made by us or supplied to craftsmen in short circuit. For exceptions, the service notifies guests before ordering and we indicate as much as possible the no french provenances in our menu.

Daily offerings

Today at Sam’s

Suggestions of the day

Tuesday 13 Apr

Find here from Monday to Friday – posted from 10.30am – our suggestions of the day: starter, main course, dessert. Receive offers by email or sms? Click below

The Chef’s Selection

Nettle soup

A classic of our countryside, healthy and natural, revisited by Chez Sam (depending on the season)

Snail leaf

Auvergne blue cheese sauce, some fresh herbs and garden salad

Steak tartare

Great French Meat from here, Knife chopped steak served prepared all Fresh House

Beef Coast

Large French meat from local responsible farms, matured or not (depending on available)


Inexhaustible profiteroles with two chocolates, prepared at home by the Chef

Non-contractual photos, trainings and components vary, depending on the supply, the season, the kitchen team

On the menu side

Menu du Marché *14.90€

Jelly beef, shallot vinaigrette
Or – Bourbonnaise Salad
country ham, walnuts, cantal, hard-boiled egg, tomato
Or – Chef’s entrance, see Sam’s slate

Pork tenderloin with mustard sauce
Or – Market Fish, see the slate
Or – Dish of the Day, see the slate

Cheese platter
Or – Cow or goat farm cheese strainer

Dessert of the day

* 14,90€ from Monday to Friday lunchtime
17.90€ from Friday evening to Sunday evening

Menu Sam’s way 25€

Snails Millefeuille our region
Auvergne blue cheese
Or – Seasonal salad, green salad, gizzards,
smoked breast duck, seasonal fruits and vegetables
Or – Beef carpaccio and poached egg

Sam’s burger, minced steak, Saint-Nectaire,
tomato, onion, Chef’s rye bread
with homemade french fries
Or – Butcher’s Pavé, Chez Sam sauce,
french fries and seasonal vegetables
Or – cod back in herb crust
our garden, fragrant rice and seasonal vegetables
Or – Farm supreme guinea fowl with artisanal
beer, french fries and seasonal vegetables

Cheese platter
Or – Cow or goat farm cheese strainer

Chocolate moelleux
Or Madeleine with pistachio cream
Or – Artisanal ice creams, 3 balls

La Marguetière menu 36€


Pan-fried scallops
Champagne endive fondue
Or – Pan-fried foie gras cutlet, gingerbread crumble and red fruit vinegar sauce
Or – Homemade smoked fish platter,
lemon cream with dill

Grilled beef fillet, Sam’s way sauce,
french fries and seasonal vegetables
Or – Veal rib with ceps and mascarpone
garden herbs, french fries and seasonal vegetables
Or – Turbot fillet with hollandaise sauce,
fragrant rice and seasonal vegetables

Cheese and jam platter
Or – Brain of silk worker
Or – Cow or goat farm cheese strainer

2 chocolates profiteroles
Or – Red Fruit Gratin
Champagne sabayon
Or – Tatin Grandmother Pie
(to be order at the beginning of a meal)

Small farmers’ menu 8.00€

Small homemade burger or chicken nuggets with: french fries, or vegetables of the day – Ice cream or dessert of the day – Drink glass of fruit juice, soda, water syrup of your choice

products from local farms

Farm shop
My Nature France

Meat, vegetables, aromatics, peasant preparations – drinks, honeys, jams – direct from local farms. Open 7/7

Ask the team’s schedules in the dining room Chez Sam – Schedules posted on the door of the shop

Coming to Sam’s
La Marguetière

Let’s get in touch
+33 (0)4 15 40 09 29

Sam’s way, La Marguetière
03120 Andelaroche

Coming to Sam’s

From N7: exit No.58 Follow dir Andelaroche to La Marguetière
From D990-D994 on the right, Dir St-Martin d’Estreaux to La Marguetière


Reception desk and bar

Monday to Saturday: from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Reception desk closed during the break: 3pm/6pm
except by appointment


Every day from: 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


From 7am (earlier on request at reception)